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In January of 2019 I, Andy, was diagnosed with appendix cancer, from that day on the life I was living took an irreversible split from the life I had Imagined I would live. I had surgery at Mayo Clinic on Feb 22nd 2019, where my surgeon removed as much of the tumor as he could.  By February of 2020 it had all grown back. In August I lost the ability to eat or drink and in February of 2021 during an extended hospital stay, I had a bowel perforation and was told that would probably be the end. After another week in the hospital on IV antibiotics and pain management, I was stable enough to head home, but with the knowledge that I had about 6 months left to live.  


I spent a lot of my time preparing for death thinking about my legacy, how I would be remembered and what things I would be remembered for. I often thought of my grandpa who had passed away from cancer a few years before. He was a life-long mentor for me learning how to design and build things. A big part of his legacy was the creative spirit that he passed on to my Dad and myself. While this period was the expected end of my life, it was also the start of Legacy 2 Inspire.  


In the summer of 2020, Tim’s dad, who inspired his sales career, lost a 20 year battle with Parkinson’s Disease. Tim reflected on the impact his Dad had on his life and the generational ripple effect it would have on his own kids. Then in the summer of 2021, Tim had a heart-health scare himself. It ultimately turned out to be stress and lifestyle related and, that fall, he made a decision that he needed to show up better, personally, and commit to doing more to make a direct impact on people’s lives that might not have had the same opportunities and mentorship that he did.


On September 10 & 11th, 2021, I had an 18 hour multivisceral transplant with the removal of the tumor once again along with new abdominal organs. After a few months of recovery I decided I wanted to train for and attempt a century bike ride. I met Tim in August of 2022 on a 70 mile training ride, we quickly bonded over our shared realization that we wanted our lives to be focused on something bigger than ourselves. We had both found success in our respective careers and felt called to pass on the knowledge and wisdom we had gained.


Legacy is a generational cycle.


We learned from our parents, spent time honing those skills and now we can pass those on to the next generation, who can master them in their own ways and one day pass them on again. That is the driving force of the vision and the namesake of Legacy 2 Inspire.


Our legacy is to mentor, empower and inspire the next generation so they can go on and create a legacy of their own.



Executive Director of Programming


Executive Director of Development

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